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Enjoy a wide range of Japanese dishes, the interplay of food and culture, and experience the distinctive four seasons deep inside Japan. Our culinary six months WASHOKU Program offers you an opportunity to dwell deeper into the unique Japanese food culture. 

WASHOKU Cooking Workshops | in Tokyo in English

Learn the basic elements on how to cook, arrange and serve traditional Japanese food.

Internship | in Itoigawa / Niigata Japan

Become a member of a Japanese team in the countryside where the mountains of the Northern Japan Alps meet the Sea of Japan and gain an experience of Japanese culture and lifestyle at work deep inside Japan. The program is flexible, however, it should last at least 3 months. 

Tailor Made Programs | Deep inside Japan

You may have a specific request for a unique program in Japan. Please feel free to contact us. We try our best to assist you in making your ideas come true.

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