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Following partners cooperate with KOTOBUKI in various fields:

Japan Travel Agent in Winterthur SWITZERLAND is based in Switzerland and specialized on Japan. The company offers comprehensive travel services for the destination Japan! Whether individual, private or in a group, everything is tailored to meet personal interests, own ideas and dreams. 

Rice Farmer in Itoigawa JAPAN

The Higashiyama farm is based up in the Hayakawa valley of Itoigawa and is specialized in the cultivation of the well-known premium rice called Koshihikari. The famous Michel Guide, Tokyo edition 2019, has newly awarded a restaurant in Asakusa with a desirable "Bib Gourmand" for its oNigiri (rice-balls) served with rice from the Higashiyama farm.

Sake Brewery in Itoigawa JAPAN

The Inomata Sake Brewery is based up in the Hayakawa valley of Itoigawa and specialized in brewing premium Japanese Sake in a traditional artisan way - Niigata Sake!

Sake Brewery 4.JPG

Washoku Restaurant Tsurugiya JAPAN

Tsurugiya is a traditional Japanes restaurant next to the ocean in central Itoigawa with a history of more than 200 years. In December 2016 a catastrophic fire engulfs 140 houses in the city among which the old Tsurugiya restaurant was destroyed. In spring of the year 2019 a new building opened its doors at the original location and continues to serve traditional Japanese Kaiseki cuisine.

Seafood Company Nousui-Shop in Itoigawa JAPAN
The Seafood Company Nousui-Shop was established in 2015 by Nousui-Kai, the alumni association of Niigata Kaiyo Senior High School, and the Itoigawa city government in Niigata, Japan. The Niigata Kaiyo Senior High School is specialized in fishery science and focuses on the following four distinct subjects: cultivation, food science, navigation and fishing, as well as marine environment. The products have gained a reputation for high quality and therefore, received several national-level awards.

Izakaya Nozomi in Luzern SWITZERLAND

The Izakaya Nozomi at Hotel Barabas brings traditional Japanese cuisine directly to Lucerne in Switzerland, revealing a culinary tradition that has so far kept hidden in the city. No sushi but everything else that comes on the table in the land of the rising sun. Authentic, fresh and incredibly elegant in taste. Izakaya Nozomi's team will take their guests on an interesting culinary trip to Japan.

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